Developing Your Practice - The Basics

"Don’t meditate to fix yourself, to improve yourself, to redeem yourself; rather, do it as an act of love, of deep warm friendship to yourself. In this way there is no longer any need for the subtle aggression of self-improvement, for the endless guilt of not doing enough. It offers the possibility of an end to the ceaseless round of trying so hard that wraps so many people’s lives in a knot. Instead there is now meditation as an act of love. How endlessly delightful and encouraging." Bob Sharples

Thousands of people from all over the world are joining together to transform through the power of meditation. You may be the first in your history, family or life to embrace meditation and for that - I am so incredibly proud you have chosen to start your journey with me! Stay the course and you will be rewarded in SO many ways. Meditation is a powerful tool to connect to yourself, change your life and empower you to change the world. And, it all begins here with you.

From my heart—I welcome you. This space is all about you - exploring, experimenting and building habits for a lifetime. Take what works for you and mold it for your own life. Let go of what seems to not work for you but keep it tucked into a back corner of your mind as you may very well come back to it at a later date (after all we do change and so do our needs).

Please always feel free to reach out to me via email [email protected] with any questions, concerns or for more support. I am here FOR YOU - to offer your whatever support you need.

A few tips to start...

What can mindfulness and meditation do for us? Checkout this TED talk:

Meditation Seat

Finding your perfect meditation seat can be difficult but try some of these tips to set yourself up for comfort and success. You don't have to be uncomfortable to meditate and having a place and position that works for you can do a lot for making your practice sustainable and pleasant!

For tips on developing your meditation seat, please watch here for more ideas -

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